Eye Blink Rate, Extended Eye Blinking, Eye Blocking And The Double Wink

Eye Blink Rate

Studies have linked arousal with increased eye blink rate. When we blink we add moisture to the eye with the help of tears and oil secreted by small glands that line the inner edge of our eyelids. Researchers have theorized that an increased eye blink rate helps us moisten and clean our eyes in preparation for action so we won’t miss a thing.

Pronounced eye blinking can happen during sexual arousal and attraction, while under pressure, or any other time we feel particularly excited. A rapid series of eye blinks can also indicate an inner struggle or distress which may happen when we hear something we don’t particularly agree with, or when we can’t find the right words to express ourselves. Other times our eyes flutter when we’re troubled with our performance on an issue, befuddled, or simply struggling outright. Women that have thick, dark, long lashes can even use a high blink rate to seduce men. Applying mascara helps draw emphasis to a women’s eyes even further and when she “bat’s her eyes” can bring a grown man to his knees. We should also be careful not to jump to conclusions since a high blink rate can also be attributed to dry air, stress, having something trapped on the eye itself or any multitude of other reasons. Therefore, high eye blink rate is particularly context sensitive.

Higher blink rate is also subject to mimicry. For example, speaking excitedly about a topic and increasing eye blink rate will induce others to follow and blink at similar rates. This can come in handy, not only in a dating situation, but also while pitching ideas because if people mimic a high blink rate, they will subconsciously perceive that they are excited, which can move them to action.