The opposite to the high blinker is the extended blinker, and whether by accident or by purpose, the extended blinker puts other’s off by showing disinterest and a smug attitude. A normal blink lasts only about a tenth of a second and at a rate of about six to eight blinks per minute. An extended blink can last from two to three seconds or even longer. Try one right now just as an experiment. Close your eyes at a normal rate but hold them closed momentarily and then quickly reopen them. Now try extending the time they remain closed. And finally, image this is done either while speaking or listening to someone else. Naturally, the longer the blink the more salient the message, with several seconds not being out of the question. The extended eye blink will be perceived by others as arrogant and pompous since it comes across as temporarily shutting out the outside world, especially the immediate company. The extended blinker is sending the message to others that what others are doing or saying isn’t worth their energy and thought.

There are two main ways to thwart the extended blinker. The first is to reduce your blink rate or widen your eyes as if staring, and hold more eye contact to try to have them mirror you or put them on edge. The second method is a tiny bit underhanded, but sends a much stronger message. When your partner has their eyes closed, quickly jump to the right or left or move closer. This will have the effect of startling them as they reopen their eyes and found that you have slightly moved! If done well enough, you should expect to have achieved a fear response in them which will naturally create a need for them to hold better eye contact.