The Top 9-10-11 Male Sexual Signals

The top 9 10 11 male sexual signals

Christopher Philip

So you’re standing there like a complete tool at the bar and the hottest chick you’ve ever seen walks in looking sexy as all-get-out.  What can you do to get her to acknowledge your existence besides pick your nose or let out a gigantic gaseous fart?  Well fortunately for you the Body Language Project is here to smack you upside the head a bit to adjust your body language so at least you can get her to smack her lips and bat her eyes in your direction.  You pick up what I’m dropping?

So here are the top 10 signals men can give off to signal sexual interest.

She’ll know you’re interested when you:

1. Hold the cowboy pose and point to your crotch

2. Play peek-a-boo with her

3. Groom yourself and make eye contact with her

4. Use relaxed and open body postures

5. Hold eye contact with her showing admiration while smiling

6. Flash your eyebrows

7. Appear to be having fun with friends

8. Show disinterested body language to induce her to chase you

9. Give her the head drop

10. Hold an even posture with both feet planted

11. Take up space

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