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Escalate With Hot Tubs

The temperature of a normal, healthy human being is 37° C (98.4° F), but skin temperature is almost always lower than this and varies according to our emotional state. When we are anxious or afraid our temperature drops. If we are relaxed or sexually aroused, the temperature increases. During the intimate stages of a sexual encounter, a drop in body heat sends a message to our sexual partner who interprets it, usually correctly, as a lack of interest, dislike, unease or disapproval. People who are emotionally cold are also likely to be physically cold. When a man or woman is described as “hot stuff” or we speak of a “warm embrace” it may well be almost literally true.

As they become more passionate, the skin temperature of “hot people” really does get hot. This is in turn read correctly by their partner as an elevation in mood and intimacy. The hot tub therefore is a great way to artificially increase attraction via increased skin temperature. A warm sunny day can have the very same effect. Conversely, cold winter days can be a significant block in intimacy. In these circumstances, try cuddling up next to a warm wood fireplace.