The top 10 female sexual signals

Christopher Philip

We’ve all seen them do it, but sometimes we’re too stupid to realize what’s going on.  She spots us and does some funny gesture or signal, or she stares too long or some other fishy thing with her hair.  What’s she trying to say?  Well dumb ass, she’s telling you that she’s interested.  Thankfully, the Body Language Project is here to smack you upside the head a bit so you get the hint straight away next time.  You pick up what I’m dropping?

So here are the top 10 signals women give off to signal sexual interest.

You know she’s interested when she:

Plays with her hair

  1. Makes frequent eye contact
  2. Makes it a point to stand close to you
  3. Grooms you or herself
  4. Points to you with her fingers or toes
  5. Displays seductively for you
  6. Teases you or steals your hat
  7. Crosses her legs toward you
  8. Mirrors or echoes your movements
  9. Makes a point of touching you

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