Pigeon toes or 'tibial torsion' is a submissive posture because it forces the body into taking on a smaller form.

Pigeon toes or ‘tibial torsion’ is a submissive posture because it forces the body into taking on a smaller form.

Having the toes pointed inwards, often called pigeon toes or anatomically “tibial torsion” is a submissive body posture. Children, and women who are smitten, will point their toes inwards to show their meekness signally their willingness to be lead by more dominant individuals. Pigeon toes makes the body appear smaller forcing it into a less threatening profile. In a sexual situation, it reflects subjugation from the women and is an indication to others that they aren’t in charge, nor wish to be. This claim assumes that most women wish for and choose more dominant men than themselves, which of course isn’t always the case. However, the dichotomy that exists between the relative sizes of men and that of women, is one extra clue of the desire women have for men to dominate. If this wasn’t so, women would consistently choose shorter and weaker men than themselves which is obviously not the norm.

Young women often subconsciously submit to boys in this way as they take “orders” from someplace inside them. Some might taken offense to this claim, but our sophisticated minds remain a product of evolution and for sex to happen, one person must necessarily submit to that of another, making the submissive process a necessary evil. Submission isn’t a bad thing either, and is present everywhere we look, be it in the workplace between employee-employer, our homes between spouses-someone has to wear the pants and within our extended family-since someone must take the head of the table. In all facets of life there exist power imbalances, and necessarily, someone needs to take charge while others are left to follow. Peace is impossible on the greater context without submission, and pretending to be, or actually being equal, only leads to squabbles.