Very little focus has been place on how men use nonverbal communication to signal interest. Perhaps this is rightly so, perhaps not. Women are without question the most efficient users of body language in courtship. Women are, more often the not, the choosers and initiators in relationship origination, and men are often left following. The job of women is to signal to men when it’s time to display their features and “dance” for them. In other words, women are the choosers when it comes to sexual relationships, and in the body language department, if men employ it properly, they are not much more than the chosen.

What the research fails to properly address up to date, is how men can use body language after contact has been established to build attraction with women. I have devoted and entire book to this very topic in my e-book Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction and Sexual Body Language. It is a very complex issue so I can not deal with it in its entirety here, so I encourage anyone interested to pick the book up and read more extensively. In this book, I will hit on all the key features and main topics in male courtship body language that will be of interest to a general reader such as women and professionals. The male “pick-up-artist”, or women who wish to thwart male come-ons and pear into the minds of men, should read further with Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction and Sexual Body Language.