IOI – Indicators of interest in action! Hidden camera stuff.

Here’s an interesting and authentic display of sexual body language in a dating context. It was produced for British television. What I found most interesting is that the girl, when interviewed at the end, had no idea she was flirting and no idea the guy was hot for her. Amazing! He speaks to the fact that women flirt to appease men (and women), which is true, but does not speak to the fact that she appeased one man more than the other – despite the fact that he was far less attractive. She obviously subconsciously knew that the more Alpha man was probably not for her and didn’t want to screw up her chances for a successful long-term relationship! And that’ something to keep in mind, especially for all those PUA’s out there who think that Alpha is the key. When women want more than just sex, they will seek other qualities besides just Alpha. Alpha helps, yes, but it’s not the be-all-end all. Enjoy!

Watch for: “hair flick,” “eye contact,” “preening,” “eye pop (not always sexual),” “body orientation (ventral fronting)” and “toe pointing.”

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