Body Language Crash Video Course

Hey, you don’t like to read, crash this body language course.

Part II (this one is better so I listed it first)

This body language tutorial covers: eye – dilation, eye contact, eyebrow raise, narrowed eyes, strong eye contact, sideways glances, lowered eyebrows, blink rate, eye dart, building initial rapport, eye access cues (eye direction), hands and handshakes (palm up, palm down and even handshake), proper handshake, handshakes and elbow touching, palm display (honesty), palms up gesturing, hand clenching (negative thoughts), wrist holding (self restraint), picking lint, hands folded, palm down authority, pointing (annoying), hand rubbing (receiving), quick and slow rubbing, steeple (confidence/arrogance), proper pointing, hands behind back, hands on hip, thumb language (up, hidden, out), arm crossing language, purse and barriers, leg language, feet point to where we want to go, how to open people with a drink (unlock), feet jiggling (wanting to exit), legs open (dominant), legs closed, stubborn language, ankle crossing, shielding, leg uncrossing for women (what it means), honest smiles, smile reciprocation, false smile, tight lipped smile, open smile, head down smile, laughing and yawning.

Part I

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