Simply trying to reverse the wrist when present palm down is very risky, sometimes impossible and also make your intentions obvious. Instead use the step to the right technique outline by Dr. David Lewis in his book The Secret Language Of Success. It is done first by stepping forward toward the person with the left foot. This will feel unnatural when shaking with the right hand as the tendency is to step forward with the right foot. Next, step forward with the right foot and move across and in front of the person to their left side. In the process, rotate your palm downward to even your wrist with theirs and complete the maneuver by moving your right foot across.

This technique is especially important if you wish to thwart the power plays of a particularly prominent palm up hand-shaker and wish to send a strong signal of authority back. To send an even stronger message or if it’s impossible to make complete the full maneuver, authority can be given by invading their personal space. Short gripping the hand and grabbing the fingers can also be effective if you do not which to entertain them at all, and the most brazen of moves, includes grabbing the top of their wrist and shaking it with your palm. The normal reaction will be shock and surprise but your message will be loud and clear. To counter the right hand technique, which if you are following is the counter to the counter, is to hold the arm rigid and bracing it against your side and holding the person away from your body. Eye contact during these moves can add even more strength. Great care must be exercised with these handshakes as they can often escalate hostility, however, at times they are necessary to assert your position and rank within your company.