While you might think it has little effect, a firm handshake from a woman where it might be least expected, can be very powerful and get them noticed. In fact, to this day, I still recall the first woman that impressed me with her handshake and the exact location in which it occurred, and this was nearly ten years ago!

Women with good handshakes and dominant body language will have a better chance of securing more important roles in corporations such as supervisors and managers, and get to these positions much faster. To avoid having their entire hand enveloped by a man’s, women should thrust their entire hand forward holding the thumb at ninety degrees to their palm with the hand in a perfectly vertical position. Next, thrust the hand forward aiming the web, which is the skin located between the thumb and index finger so that it aligns with the web of his hand. To some degree this prevents the larger hand from fully engulfing the smaller hand as is when hands are only weakly thrust forward, or not thrust at all. In these cases, the small handed person usually ends up with their finger tips being crushed by the mitts of the larger hand!