Psychologist Jo-Anne Bachorowski of Vanderbilt University has discovered and tested various types of laughs. In the research, listeners rated their interest in meeting people with different sounding laughs. She found some interesting patterns. For example, “unvoiced laughs” such as snorts, grunt and pants rather than song like laughs such as the characteristics “ha, ha, ha” were seen as less attractive to both the opposite sex as well as the same sex. Unvoiced laughers, the snorters and grunters as mentioned, where the worse and even more poorly rated when done by women. However, women who had songlike laughs were rated as even more attractive.

The research shows us that the quality of the laugh is important in making us appear more or less attractive to others. Therefore, if interested in impressing others, use a more vocal song-like laugh rather than a panting or breathing laugh if male, and if female especially avoid snorting and grunting laughs.

The types of laughs:

High-pitched, song-like (male) 2

High-pitched, song-like (male)

High-pitched, song-like (female) 2

Unvoiced, snort-like and then cackle (male)

Unvoiced, snort-like (male)

Unvoiced, snort-like (female)

Unvoiced, snort-and then pant-like (male)

Unvoiced, grunt-like (male)

Unvoiced, grunt-like (female)

Song-like with notable pitch modulation (female)

Low-pitched, song-like (female)

Low-pitched, chuckle-like (male)

Long duration, song-like (female)

High-pitched, song-like (female)