There are a variety of singular cues that also serve to indicate attention. Concentration for example, is obvious when the face is scrunched together, the eyes narrowed as if to focus on a prey, with the eyebrows tightened inward.

Reflective activities can also include matching the body language of the speaker, not interrupting and using agreement sounds such as ‘uh huh’ and ‘mhum’. We rarely think about the powers of these small sounds but it can make the difference between having your counterpart believe they made a connection right up to contempt as in “He just sat there and didn’t say a word”. By nodding and adding agreement sounds, the person will feel heard and therefore appreciated. Paraphrasing back what was just said to the speaker, is another method of sending the correct message. This technique shows what is called active listening and shows that you are internalizing what is said and affords a chance to clarify any misinterpreted information.