More than anything else during a job interview is the overall impression you leave with your prospective employer. Your credentials including your resume and even what you say will all be long forgotten minutes after you leave the interviewer’s office. They may recall certain things you said, but they won’t key in on them specifically. Instead the interviewer will key in on how you said them. In fact, most studies agree that job interviews are a fairly unproductive affair, as how you are rated, and whether or not you are hired, has more to do with how much you are liked by the interviewer than any other factor.

Body language during an interview is simple. All that is required of you is to convey that you are competent, qualified and most importantly, that you will fit in with the current company’s structure without causing problems. This raises a common misconception about job interviews which says that standing out from the other applicants is the goal, but in reality, fitting in should be your primary objective. The following are some tips to taking a proper interview.