Body Language and Proximity

Body Language and Proximity

We all at some point or another have taken for granted what a strong force proximity plays in our relationships until it is extended via distance. Anyone that has had to endure a long distance relationship knows how difficult it is to maintain. With infrequent contact these relationships become impossible. It would seem that distance is the primary factor in deciding who we’ll end up dating as it certainly determines who we’ll most often spend our time and also the likelihood in which we will meet. In attraction, and as it relates to body language and intimacy, proximity can tell us a lot. Intimate zones start at the 18 inches mark and closer. Women that tolerate this proximity from men are likely interested in either their friendship or something more. More casual distances are in the range of a few feet whereas complete strangers (social distance) will tolerate around 7-10 feet as a norm. Knowing all this, what should we make of the repulsion Dave induces on Scarlett in the following video? What does it tell us about her interest? What does it tell us about his approach?



Her facial expressions lead us to believe that she is playing either hard to get or else she is teaching Dave some sort of lesson. Because she lacks eye contact with Dave, it is very likely that they know each other more then just acquaintances (as an unfriendly glare would be more appropriate if a stranger approached) and that perhaps Dave’s actions has set her off. Either way, this proximity makes it obvious that the connection between the two is weak and Dave needs to re-establish his position with her so he can re-gain her willingness to allow him to enter her intimate space once again.

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