When asked to come in, move in swiftly but not quickly, take your time, but don’t be wasteful of others either. Maintain a steady pace into the office and note what the interviewer is doing. If they are still playing with papers take even more time so they can take a good look at you. Once seated half of your body will be covered by a desk so this is the second to last chance you have to being remembered. If they are ready for you allow them to indict to you where you should sit. If they are busy, then put down your briefcase and make eye contact. If they are still on the phone or doing other things, take a seat and allow them to get ready. When they are set, they will usually shake your hand. If they don’t, then make the effort to shake theirs. It sometimes happens that we don’t shake hands because we “don’t like the looks of someone” but perhaps it is due to having had a long day interviewing so we wouldn’t want to let an opportunity to provide a good handshake slip us by. After you shake hands, if you haven’t already, immediately take a seat instead of towering over them.