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How you use this site depends entirely on what you wish to achieve from body language.

After all, body language is a tool, and it can be used to read people, to convey desired meaning – even to MANIPULATE others!

By learning body language, are you trying to figure out if the cute girl or boy fancies you? How to set up your office to maximize collaboration? Are you trying to covey better, more confident body language? Do you want to increase sales in your business by closing more deals? Find the learning Portal that suits you best and start learning today!

You may choose one of the following “Learning Portals” to better assist you in your ultimate goals. They are also linked above in the “Body Language Learning Portal” drop-down menu.

The INTENSITY of the Portal DECREASES from the top to the bottom.

BodyLanguageProjectCom - 11. “Body Language Project: The Only Book On Body Language That Everybody Needs To Read.” Read over 300 pages on all facets of body language! This Ebook covers everything you will ever need to know about reading people and is FULLY illustrated with over 500 original images! This is the book to digest if you want to become an expert body language reader! If it’s too much, or you don’t want as much detail, move to the “Tiny Book Of Body Language” at anytime.

Continue reading in the other Body Language Portals to build on this sturdy base!

BLP-Big-book62. “Body Language Project: NonVerbal Dictionary Cue Catalog.” Want more detail about a specific body language cue or posture? This fully illustrated tool is for you! Here you will find an easy to navigate, comprehensive list of cues with detailed descriptions. You will be able to figure out the precise meaning of over 300 specific cues which covers over 1200 different postures. These are the postures you will see in your daily life.

The “Cue Catalog” is designed as a more detailed reference guide to compliment the quick and dirty “Body Language Project: Body Language Dictionary.”

BodyLanguageProjectCom - Self Stroking or Auto Contact 43. “Body Language Project: Body Language Dictionary.” Go here to learn, in brief, what the various body language postures and cues indicate. You will also learn the body language definitions for the terms within the body language niche. This will give you a quick and dirty approach to learning about body language. It will help you decide what ‘Miley meant when she flicked her hair and licked her lips!’

The Body Language Dictionary contains over 1,000 cues found within the field of body language. It is a comprehensive encyclopedia of body language terms and definitions to make learning quick, easy, and convenient. Learn about the various postures, positions, gestures and their hidden meaning! The body language dictionary is the largest of its kind!

BodyLanguageProjectCom - Forehead Bow (The) 14. “Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction and Sexual Body Language.” Go here if you want a teaser of the popular selling Ebook. You will get to read the text and see some of the images contained in the Ebook. It does not include much of the over 250 fully captioned images dissecting the subtext of body language in dating, but it will give you a sense of the quality you will receive if you purchase the book. This book is mainly aimed at men to help them read women better in dating, but it can be very useful for women that wish to use sexual signals to attract the men they desire.

You may skip this teaser and BUY THE BOOK HERE.

BLP-Dictionary85. “Body Language Project: The Tiny Book Of Body Language.” This “mini-book” is the boiled down version of the more complete book (above). This Tiny Book has been stripped, teased, and spanked to leave only the tender soul of body language. In this book, I have removed all the extra examples and application of body language, and kept the reporting brief. The guide is aimed at understanding and reading people over the theory of body language. So what it really comes down to is your level of commitment to the topic.

By reading the “Tiny Book of Body Language” you will learn most of the cues, postures, and gestures which are found in its much larger complimentary book, but in about a fifth the volume. I felt that there was a need for a ‘quickie’ and the “Tiny Book” was aimed at that niche. You can always jump from this simplified book to the bigger book at anytime!

BLP-Dictionary66. “Body Language Project: Articles.” Here we cover topics of interest through our “Articles” portal. Find guest posts, articles on politicians, recent research and other topics on the subject of body language.

BLP-Dictionary47. “Body Language Project: Blog.” Occasionally we come across interesting videos, tips or tricks. They go here!


Choose your Portal and start TODAY! I can’t recommend you start anywhere specifically; I’m a body language NUT. Study all of it!

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