How Cops Piss People Off With Their Body Language

How Cops Piss People Off With Their Body Language

Christopher Philip

Power hungry cops often let their relative positions in society go to their head only to find out that their perceived strength only invited harm as a direct result of being met by challenge.  Police officers that fail to heed this warning will eventually come against a thug willing to test them, and it won’t end up pretty, either for the officer or the thug, whomever loses the struggle and if you ask me, a cop trying to make his job even harder than it needs to be is a total fool.  So having said this, neither party will win, but morally thugs won’t care, just taking the challenge is reward enough.  Here’s what I’m talking about.

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Novice undercover cops always give themselves away, even after dropping their uniforms for street clothes because they forget to drop their other nonverbal language as well; their body language.  Arms akimbo which is done by placing the arms on the hips and aiming the fingers forward toward the crotch is a dominant posture that draws attention to a man’s penis.  This is the giveaway for the undercover guy and has been noted as their cue to reading cops as reported by numerous criminals.  It’s always the way the guy walks and talks that gives the under-copper away.

Now what about the fully suited, gun in tote, and bullet proof vested guy?  Well, it’s the same message that says “I’m in charge her, I’ll take over, do what I say.”  In realty, cops need to be problem solvers, not problem creators or problem ‘exacerbaters’ and need to show less dominant challenging body language so as not to agitate potentially aggressive suspects.  They need to create calm and speak in quiet voices, only when permitting of course.  When someone crosses the threshold of sanity and decides physical force is what they choose to do, then all bets are off.  However up until this point, especially when handling a domestic dispute, they should drop arms akimbo as it is only those in authority that carry this posture and only rarely found in the general population.  Officers should also not block doorways by propping themselves up, especially when the homeowners are present.  This is a powerful territorial display and invites challenge and aggression.  Until they’ve laid charges, respect should be given to the territory of others.

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