She might be cold, or she might want to feel protected.

She might be cold, or she might want to feel protected.

Double Arm Hug Body Language

Hugging one’s self is a defensive and closed body position. The arms will hug the body tightly in a full embrace. Those that habitually cross their arms are usually not aware that they are sending a bad message to others. However, arm crossing is a universally defensive posture so it is important to be aware of its use.

Partial Arm Cross Body Language

This is a typically female posture and happens by reaching across the body to grab the opposite elbow. The other hand is left dangling to the side. A variation of this posture happens by reaching across the body and grabbing the opposite shoulder. While the double arm huge is a defensive postures, the partial arm cross is a subtle posture that indicates fear, timidity, shyness and lack of self confidence. Both are barrier type postures which protect the core of the body like a shield. It signals to others that we don’t wish for them to come close. The origins of the partial arm cross likely stems from the comfort felt by a child who’s hand was held or who’s shoulder was grasped by a parent. The posture feels natural and comfortable when in fearful situations because it reminds us of the sensation of being hugged and protected by someone else.

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