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How to Read Body Language: Cops and Thugs

Cops and Thugs

I was watching one of the stereotypical “Cops” shows the other day and noticed that it was a great way to examine body language.  Particular body language that seems to be prominent is aggressive, defiant and authoritative language.  I posted this clip (be warned strong language and content) because it is loaded with key information delivered non-verbally.  The verbal language is prominent, yes, but if I was the officer I would focus my mind more on what sorts of gestures the suspect was imparting and adjust my tactics accordingly.  In order, here is what I noticed followed with its hidden meaning: 1) Immediately going into an arm cross but catches himself and backs off – blocking off outside views 2) A jabbing motion with his arms and fingers – figurative spearing. 3) His right hand is in his pocket – hiding something or defensive, uncomfortable or protective 4) Arms crossed – closed and defensive 5) Fight – self explanatory.  You can stop after the tussle because the rest is ruthless.  I wonder if the cop was better able to read body language, if he could have avoided the fight altogether.


Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQUrqLQfPME

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