Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction And Sexual Body Language

If you are looking around the room and you notice a woman you are attracted to and she meets your glance, you must respond correctly.  Start by breaking your eye contact by looking down instead of to the side.  Downward eye aversion shows the woman that you are not aggressive.  If you look to the side then you are telling her that you are merely scanning the room and aren’t interested.  The reason for this is that we typically scan rooms horizontally.  So if you continue past your object of attraction, then she will assume that you aren’t interested.  What you want to do is avert your gaze downwards as if to say that you have been “caught” looking at something you should not have been.  Looking down is akin to an admittance of attraction.  If, on the other hand, you do not break the contact at all then you are sending a dominant or aggressive display which will not be attractive to the opposite sex.  An exception to this occurs when a woman is particularly interested in you as she will naturally avert her gaze by looking downwards much quicker than you.  In this case you aren’t averting your gaze at all, because she is doing it for you.  Avoid staring at women for long periods of time or stealing glances with sideways eyes.

The next step is to scan the room again and meet her eyes.  This time, spend a couple of seconds scanning her face.  Be careful not to scan too much though as women do not enjoy leering.  Many sexual harassment cases have ensued from extremes of such behavior.  Step three might include a few more scans to meet her eyes followed by lowering them.  You can then add in a more full-face scan.  Most face scans last about 3 seconds and occur as the eyes move around the face.  If you prolong this then you are sending an even stronger signal.  Proximity by which this scanning takes place also…This page contains valuable information and images that are only available in the actual PDF Ebook.  Please visit our sales page to get your copy instantly.  The book contains well over 250 unique high quality images that are fully captioned.  Immerse yourself in the silent conversations occurring all around you!

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