Author: Chris P.

Women Look Too – Sexual Glances of Interest (Hidden Video)

Women Look Too – Sexual Glances of Interest (Hidden Video)
Christopher Philip

It turns out that men and women are not all that different when it comes to their sexuality. Women and men both love sex and have sexual fantasies. However, despite our commonly held believe that women less sexual, they are still curious, and while they often take a more passive role, still enjoy the process.

In this video you will see women on public transit checking out a ‘man’s package’- a generously size package at that. Now watch for the visible cues the women give off displaying their sexual interest.

I see furtive glances, lip licking, lip touching, lip compression and tongue poking in the check (shows negative though indicator i.e. repressing a naughty though, thinking or fantasizing with an idea.), running the tongue over the teeth, and smiling.

The main difference is that most women are not overt in their interest and do not wish to be caught. Women, by nature are less assertive and less aggressive when it comes to their hidden desires. Most men, on the other hand, are required to be confident and assertive in order to start the entire dating process. This is why we see men being more obvious when it comes to sexual glances. For men too, there are far fewer risks of being labeled sexual and therefore more sexual latitude. Therefore, when men look, they take additional risks and freedoms.

Could women handle a more over display of male sexuality?

How about another.

Body Language Of Olympic Figure Skater Ashley Wagner

Body Language Of Olympic Figure Skater Ashley Wagner – A Facial Expression Of Olympic Proportions.
Christopher Philip

Ashley Wagner Photo Body Language Facial Expression

U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner has made quite the impression over the 2014 Olympics in Sochi Russia with her very dramatic facial expressions.  At the time, Japan’s Mao Asada was leading with the highest score thus far despite the fact that she had fallen during her routine.  As the disappointing scores were revealed to Wagner, she couldn’t hold back her emotions.

Wagner’s eyes and face tell the honest story of her underlying emotions.  Most athletes, and people for that matter, burry their emotions, especially when they deal with defeat.  While intense emotions of grief and the exhilaration of success leak out as a matter of intensity, the more minor expressions of annoyance, especially surrounding the subjective decisions of judges, are usually kept with a tight lip.

However, this photograph of Wagner is unmistakably honest; she isn’t pleased!  It was captured as she viewed her scores for her short figure skating program.  Most evident is her displays of the flexation of the grief muscles, it’s the muscle located in between the eyebrows and universally signals anger and discomfort.  Her eyebrows are also lowered to strengthen the anger subtext.  Her mouth pulls open to signal surprise, while her eyes squint together just a touch indicating disbelief at what she is seeing.  Contempt is also mildly present with slightly flared nostrils.  You can see this in her left nostril the most.  

The animated video clip making the rounds is even more revealing showing five distinct stages as she roils.  First her jaw drops in shock, then her face contorts in anger, she nods in stunned disbelief, turns her head and mouths the word “bulls—t” to the person to her side, then she claps politely.