PART III – Women Use Sexual Courtship Signals To Manipulate Men – Women’s Later Sexual Signals Affects Outcome Of Courtship, Not Early Signals, Says Research
Christopher Philip


Not surprisingly, the self-reported interest of the men was correlated with how physically attractive he rated the woman. The more attractive he rated her, the higher his professed interest. Conversely, women did not significantly link male attractiveness ratings with self-professed interest. Overall, men found women to be more attractive than the women found the men.

Courtship Signals

The authors coded the video for the following courtship signals:

Head Akimbo: Arms folded behind the head. They called this a “look at my body” posture [However, this was a mistake by the authors as this is a dominance display]. The researchers do note this later in the study as it was negatively correlated with courtship.
Primp: Refers to ordering one’s clothes without a visible necessity.
Head Toss: The head moves down, followed by a fast circular upward move, and then the head slowly returns to the original position.
Hair Flip: Consists of the same head movement as Head toss, the difference being that here, the hands are used to throw the hair back.
Head Tilt: A neck presentation supposedly signaling submission or avoidance of the aggressive effect of the “staring eyes”’ when eye contact occurs.
Breast Presentation: Both shoulders are moved back simultaneously.
Palm Presentation: Both palms are presented upwards.
Head Down: Lowers the head and gaze and is also alleged to be a sign of submission in courtship.
Shrug: The shoulders are repeatedly moved up and down.
Coy Smile: A smile followed immediately by a turning away and lowering of the head. Legs Open: When sitting is self-explanatory.
Look Through: Defined as looking at the other person but not fixating on her or him and looking away immediately; there is no pause between the movement of looking at the partner and looking away from the partner.
Short Glance: Directed at the partner for less than 3 s.
Illustrator: An illustrating hand movement when speaking.
Arms Flex: One or both arms are flexed at the elbow and held in front of the body.
Smile: Is a contraction of the Musculus zygomaticus major.
Laugh: The same as smile, but with the mouth open and sound is produced.

Of all the cues, only Primp, Coy Smile, Look Through and Short Glance was correlated with professed female interest. Interestingly, in phase II there was a high significant correlation between signals and professed interest. In phase I, women with low professed interest sent 15.5 courtship signals, whereas women with high professed interest sent 19.1 signals. In phase II, women with low interest send 11.4 versus 15.5 for high professed interest. Only the second phase resulted in a condition that met with statistical significance – a condition that is relevant.

Negative Signals

To determine a baseline for analysis, the researchers teased out the signals negatively correlated to courtship. Head akimbo (we refer to this as arms akimbo on BLP) as well as knees toward body, move legs, cross legs, arms parallel and head toss were analyzed across the two phases.

They found that women signal more often in phase II than in phase I (1.7 vs. 1.1) and negative signaling is astonishingly low when compared to courtship signals (18.1 vs. 1).

CONTINUE PART IV – Women Use Sexual Courtship Signals To Manipulate Men – Women’s Later Sexual Signals Affects Outcome Of Courtship, Not Early Signals, Says Research

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