Men Love Breasts Because Women Love Oxytocin
Christopher Philip

Larry Young, a professor of psychiatry at Emory University and co-author of The “Chemistry Between Us” (2012) believe that men’s love of breast is simply a that human evolution has co-opted an ancient neural circuit which was originally designed to strengthen the bond between mother and infant.

Only when it comes to men’s fascination, rather than nurturance, he uses his draw to breasts to stimulate his partner and release the bonding hormone oxytocin.

Oxytocin is nature’s “love drug,” and nipple stimulation, be it from an infant during breast feeding, or from a man during coitus, floods a woman’s brain. This helps the woman focus on the task at hand.

For most women, nipples are erogenous zones. In fact, one study has found that nipple stimulation travel to the same part of the brain as the vagina, clitoris and cervix.

In other words, by fixating on the much more visible nipple, and in reaching out to it, accessing it, getting close to it, in any way, and then stimulating it, men can use them as a way to unlock women’s sexual desires. Quite simply, when men bit, nibble, suck, or caress women’s nipples, he helps her body release oxytocin in the woman’s brain producing a bonding experience.

Thus, according to this theory, man and his hardwiring, are focused on the breast in effort to create bonding between him and his partner.

According to Young, attraction to breasts “is a brain organization effect that occurs in straight males when they go through puberty…Evolution has selected for this brain organization in men that makes them attracted to the breasts in a sexual context, because the outcome is that it activates the female bonding circuit, making women feel more bonded with him. It’s a behavior that males have evolved in order to stimulate the female’s maternal bonding circuitry.”
Yet to be studied, however, is the universality of this theory. For example, not all men agree that breasts are critical in attraction. Men also show a wide range of preferences in breasts, from small, to very large. Other cultures, in which the breasts are constantly uncovered, do not seem to pay any attention to the breast at all – unlike in the West and other more conservative nations.
However, in defense, Young states that while breasts in these cultures might be less potent, they may still be stimulated sexually during intercourse serving to strengthen the theory.