Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction And Sexual Body Language

A really great test of your skills is to try to open up the most closed person in a room or to open up any person who shows any closed position at all.  Find a woman who appears awkward and closed to the rest of the room and use your body language to open her up without using words.  For example, a woman whose legs and arms are crossed will appear cold, awkward, and disinterested.  Try first to send her an honest and open smile while in conversation with someone else then lower your gaze when eye contact is met.  Check to see what affect this has.  Perhaps she will marvel at the experience and avert her gaze downward as well.  See if you can catch her again and watch what happens.  Next, try moving a bit closer to her and see if you can get her to uncross her arms with some subtle eye contact.  Next, cast your eyes toward her as if you are offering sympathy for whatever bad feelings she is harboring.  The final step will be to open her up with conversation, perhaps asking her about her day and getting to the root of the reason for her closed body positions.  See if by using open postures, you can get her to drop her negative feelings.  You might even try getting her to mirror your positive gestures.

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