Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction And Sexual Body Language

If she is dancing in her chair, she will probably dance with just about anyone who asks her.  If she has a smile and looks to be enjoying the music or is smiling and looking to the dance floor, take a chance and ask her to dance.  Another appeal to take motion is when someone has their hands on the front of their thighs near their knees in a sprinter position.  This indicates that the person is ready to leave.  If the dialogue that accompanies the gesture is about changing locations, then you should feel confident that she… This page contains valuable information and images that are only available in the actual PDF Ebook.  Please visit our sales page to get your copy instantly.  The book contains well over 250 unique high quality images that are fully captioned.  Immerse yourself in the silent conversations occurring all around you!

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Christopher Philip, Author.

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