Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction And Sexual Body Language

If a woman is really turned on, she will hold all of her hair in her hands, and then place it on top of her head. She will then tilt her head around to face you while looking over a raised shoulder.  You can probably visualize this image in your head right now.  That is because it is so powerful.  Do not show any hesitation when given this message; you will never forgive yourself!  Another hair related sign occurs when a woman takes her hair out of a ponytail (or other held back style) then flicks or tosses it.  If she is looking at you when she does this she is very interested.  A woman might also show interest by preening her hair, running her fingers through her hair, wrapping her hair around her neck or curling it around her fingers, and tossing her hair.

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Christopher Philip, Author.

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