Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction And Sexual Body Language

You can use your arms and legs to indicate the desire to enter someone else’s personal space.  This is far better than using your whole body.  By moving an arm closer to someone, you are in effect telling them that you want your whole body there but without being too forward and risking coming off as offensive.  If a woman motions with her arms toward you, you are in good shape.  It means she is comfortable with you and she may be interested in getting closer.  You can also give her the opportunity to move into your space in the same way.  As a rule, before entering the personal space of a stranger (closer than arm’s reach), you will have at least made eye contact.  To move any closer than this, a head nod at minimum to a simple greeting is in order.  To move to the next level of proximity, a conversation should occur.  As a rule, if no conversation has occurred, only very rarely will a woman tolerate any more intimacy.

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