How Women Can Double Male Solicitation
Christopher Philip

Researcher Nicolas Gueguen, Universite de Bretagne-Sud found that there was a simple trick that women could easily implement in order to more than double male approaches in a dating context.

In his research, he had a 20-year-old female confederate of average physical attractiveness modify her bust size. In three separate trials, the model wore her usual “A” cup bra, a “B” cup and finally a “C” cup. All else, between the trials, remained the same. She wore a neat pair of jeans, light coloured sneakers and a white figure-hugging sweatshirt.

In the first experiment the female confederate was instructed to sit in a nightclub and look toward the dance floor without making eye contact with any men. If contact was made by a man, she was told to tell him that she was waiting for her boyfriend. The second experiment was similar except it took place outside a bar area. Here the female confederate sat in a drinking area.

In the first experiment in the nightclub (3 one-hour observation periods in each condition), the woman was approached as follows:

“A” cup – 13 times
“B” cup – 19 times
“C” cup – 44 times

In the second experiment in the outside pavement area (7 one-hour observation periods), the woman was approached as follows:

“A” cup – 5 times
“B” cup – 9 times
“C” cup – 16 times

A sizeable difference!

“Our hypothesis was confirmed in these two experiments: an increase in the bust size of a young woman of average attractiveness is associated with an increase in the number of men who approach her,” says Gueguen.

While one could conceivably permanently alter one’s body with plastic surgery, the results of this study indicate that, at least in the short term, “faking it,” with a similar size bra, can produce similar results.

While many women intuitively understand that breast size matters, the study provides a quantitative analysis of just how effective breast size is in their influence on male behaviour. A push up, or inserts might be something women might employ to boost solicitation. This may attract more men and in turn increase the odds of soliciting a man of quality so long as a woman is willing to withstand the extra attention larger breasts will surely bring.


Nicolas Gueguen. Women’s bust size and men’s courtship solicitation. Body Image. 2007.4: 386–390.