Why Women Are Choosy And Men Will F$@K Anything: Or How Women Have Expensive Eggs And Men Have Cheap Sperm

Christopher Philip

There are several constants in the human species. One of them says that by having sex with many different men, women do not multiply the number of children they can have. For women, the number of children is fixed. One egg is released every month and that is all. If at that time, a man inseminates her, she may become pregnant. If her egg is not fertilized though, she must wait until the next month to conceive. If the sperm of the man and the egg of the woman meet, then she will get pregnant, and if everything works out, she remains that way for the next nine months.

The remainder of the numbers I will explore in this article are extremely optimistic and theoretical, but of which, prove an important point about dating and attraction. I am using them to make a strong point, which I will eventually get to. If a woman gets pregnant with every egg she releases starting on her first cycle (say 9 years old) then she will produce one child if she is really lucky every 9 months until she is 60 years old. That means that she could produce a maximum of 68 children in her lifetime. Of course she could have twins, and triplets, and quadruplets and so on. However, these are quite rare, but for argument’s sake we will say that she has twins on every second pregnancy. This means that she can foster 102 children in a lifetime. Now on the other hand, a man can, without medical assistance, produce 66,960 children in one lifetime. That is, he could have sex with 3 or more different women every day for the entirety of his reproductive lifetime (say from age 13 until death, or for argument’s sake say 75).

Obviously, the man has cheap and plentiful sperm. He could have as many as 66,960 children in comparison to the maximum of 68 children in women and we haven’t even gotten into artificial means of insemination. The most successful man (as I have calculated) could theoretically have 985 times as many children as the most successful woman if examined under evolutionary standards. I know that this is unlikely to occur, but that’s not the point. The point is that since women are limited in the number of children they have, and that having children requires a significant investment, they will want to choose wisely on whom they allow to inseminate them. Women, as is where, are the choosy sex, and rightly so.

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