The following is a list of things that have been determined to be some of the worst you can do when attempting to pick someone up.

Approaching too closely
Bad breath
Bad hygiene
Disproportionate laughter
Drunken antics
Excessive flattery
Playing dumb
Poor eye contact
Shaking hands for too long
Staring too much
Talking on a cell phone


The following list represent the best ways to impress a woman as determined by 29 male and 27 female undergraduate students in a study by Buss in 1988. Keep in mind when reading this list that these are ways that are perceived to be the best. They are a matter of debate if you ask me. Of course, it would not hurt your chances if you did all or even some of these things.

Displaying a good sense of humour
Acting sympathetic to her troubles
Keeping self well groomed
Making an effort to spend a lot of time with one woman
Offering to help her
Showering on a daily basis
Keeping physically fit and creating a healthy appearance
Wearing attractive outfits
Washing hair everyday
Wearing stylish clothes
Going on a diet to improve figure
Smiling at women a lot
Giving encouraging glances to women
Bringing a woman to a nice restaurant
Participating in extracurricular activities to meet women
Touching women
Making up jokes to make women laugh
Expressing strong opinions

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