The Perfect Female Body – The Perfect Male Body, Survey
Christopher Philip

British lingerie brand Bluebella conducted a survey including 1,000 people to find out just which celebrity body parts should be mashed together to form the perfect Frankenstein figure.

Turns out both men and women mashed together different parts to come up with wildly diverging characters.

Perfect female body bluebellaThe “perfect” woman, according to men, has Megan Fox’s “softer” face, Kim Kardashian’s “fuller” breasts, Michelle Keegan’s slimmer stomach, Kelly Brooks’ “fuller” hips, Scarlett Johansson’s long blond hair and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s legs.

The “perfect” woman, according to women, has Cara Delevingne’s face, Jennifer Aniston’s “pert and perky” breasts, Gwyneth Paltrow’s “toned” stomach, Emma Watson’s “boyish” hips, Kate Middleton’s “long, luscious” brown hair and Elle MacPerson’s never-ending legs.

Perfect male body bluebellaThe “perfect” man, according to men has Brad Pitt’s hair, the chiseled bone structure of David Beckham’s face, Ryan Gosling’s “solid” torso, Hugh Jackman’s “rippling muscles” and soccer hunk Frank Lampard’s legs.

The “perfect” man, according to women has Harry Styles’ hair, Jamie Dornan face, British model David Gandy’s torso, Brad Pitt’s biceps and David Beckham’s legs.

On Beautification

Many have been convinced in recent times that one should not modify one’s body for the pleasure or purpose of other’s (stop “fat-shaming”, or men like women with “curves”). The idea is that an internal motivator to improve the body toward fitness is important enough and so long as you aren’t doing it to please, for instance, a man, then that it is okay.

However, a rational approach to beauty says that our outward appearances are not for the expressed purpose of pleasing the eyes of the person doing it. This becomes salient when we understand that one only sees her or himself in the mirror but for brief moments throughout the day (hopefully). Rather, we all beautify ourselves because we understand that other people will treat us more favourably if we suit their ideals.

This isn’t necessarily a bad source of motivation. It simply requires us to understand that our agency comes from the ability to (no matter how minor) adjust our outward appearances to suite the average image of lust or trust or dominance or submissiveness or whatever. This can be done through body language or physical exercise or fashion or make-up. Body improvements are sources of agency because they can be consciously enacted to a greater or lesser extent, for the expressed purpose of improving social functioning i.e. to make other’s treat us better.

Like all tools, beautification is something that can either be practiced or not practiced, but as far as my opinion on the matter goes, someone can either do it and benefit from it, or try to change the world so that ones doesn’t have to (i.e. ban “fat shaming” or start a date a “nerdy, stinky, lazy, obese man with pot belly” trend. The latter exercise – changing the world – is a much taller, and quite likely, futile exercise.

Sex Differences In Musculature And Thinness

Men and women both must live up to the standards set by the other sex. This isn’t something that men or women can escape. Let that sink in!

Now, men took the ideals they figure women find sexy in themselves and exaggerated them, and women did the same (for the most part). Men beefed themselves up because men understand that women like muscular men. Women shrunk themselves down because they understand that men like skinny women. However, it is important to note that both genders took the extremes of these forms they figured were important rather than stopping at the preferred ideals of the other gender.

In other words, it turns out women don’t like a beefcake like men assume, and men don’t like a stick figure, as women assume.

It’s important to understand these differences when trying to suite the ideals of the other sex.

It’s also important to understand that men and women set the rules and standards for beauty, both upon ourselves (within our genders), as well as against the opposite gender.

No matter how shallow and superficial, this isn’t a sex-based issue; neither sex escapes!

Gives Use All Hope!

Given the choice, 1,000 participants mashed up, like Mr. Potato Head, parts from various bodies. It seems that the world, having had 7-billion tries to master the perfect body, has still failed miserably. While I supposed one surveyed participant may have selected each body part from one lusty celebrity of his or her choice, the survey turned out a variety of parts fitting the bill, rather than one whole person. Thankfully, it’s impossible to dissect parts of the whole or those carrying lusty parts might be in trouble!

However, the survey does show that perfection is not necessary when it comes to physical beauty. While beauty can be scabbed together, the new scab will still contain flaws that one person will decide is less than perfect. In other words, perfect is not something readily achievable.

Turns out that, given free reign to produce havoc, neither men nor women opted for the freakishly thin figures of teenage models. Said, Emily Bendell of Bluebella: “It’s great to see such a range of ages and shapes.” While women decided on the toned and trim brunette, the men found the voluptuous blond bombshell most desirable.


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