Short Men Live Longer
Christopher Philip

According to new research by Kuakini Honolulu Heart Program (HHP) and the Kuakini Honolulu-Asia Aging Study (HAAS), being short could actually help you live longer.

The study split men into two groups. One included men 5’2” and shorter and the other was 5’4” and taller.

Results found that the men 5’2” and shorter lived the longest. As men increased in height, they had shorter life spans.

The link to increased life span was found in the ‘longevity gene’ FOX03. Shortness, it turns out, is paired with the specific gene. The study also found that shorter men had lower blood insulin levels and less cancer.

“This study shows for the first time, that body size is linked to this gene,” Dr. Willcox said.

Results are published in PLOS ONE.


Qimei He; Brian J. Morris; John S. Grove; Helen Petrovitch; Webster Ross; Kamal H. Masaki; Beatriz Rodriguez; Randi Chen; Timothy A. Donlon; D. Craig Willcox and Bradley J. Willcox. Shorter Men Live Longer: Association of Height with Longevity and FOXO3 Genotype in American Men of Japanese Ancestry. Published: May 07, 2014
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0094385.