PART II – Make-Up Or Bust: Women Can Benefit From Both, Says Research
Christopher Philip

BodyLanguageProjectCom - Sexual Hair PlayExperiment #4: Women’s Bust And Courtship.

In this final experiment, Guéguen sought out to test the effects bust size had on male solicitation. Specifically, he wanted to determine if men would approach a confederate more if her bust size was larger then when smaller.

A female confederate was selected once again. She was 20 years old, and rated as average in attractiveness by peers, and a small bust size permitting her to modify her cup size throughout the experiment. She was put in one of three conditions, “A” cup, “B” cup and “C” cup and instructed to wear a neat jeans, light sneakers and white figure-hugging sweatshirt to highlight her bust.

In the first context, she was instructed to sit in a night-club for 1 hour and observe people on the dance floor. She was told not to look to the side of the dance floor or make eye contact with any men. Another confederate took notes and recorded the number of approaches by men. After a successful approach she told the men, as instructed by the procedure, that she was “waiting for her boyfriend.” The experiment took place over 12 observation periods. In the second context, the confederate was seated outside a bar at a table for a one hour period.

The results showed that as cup size increased, so too did male solicitation. In the night-club setting, the results are as follows (cup size followed by approaches) “A”; 13, “B”; 19, “C”; 44 and in the area outside the bar “A”; 5, “B”; 9, “C”; 16. The hypothesis was once again confirmed. As bust size increased, men where more likely to solicit for courtship.

Result #4: As a woman’s bust size increases, so does the amount of offers to courtship.

Putting It All Together

Wearing make-up and increasing bust size to increase male attention is not a unique concept. For years women have been using various techniques, even permanent surgery to modify their physical features. However, my goal is to point out the value these have on the results you desire. First, however, you must decide, as a woman, what you intend to do. For many, objectification is a sin and I think this is the wrong way to look at things.

From a nonverbal perspective, two simple tools are at every woman’s disposal. Why cry about sexism, in this case “benevolent sexism” when there are so many rewards to reap? Let us not forget the value that make-up and bust size, or bust embellishment and other physical ornamentation, can have within already established intimate relationships. It’s not as if husbands and boyfriends are immune to the effects of physical attractiveness – quite the contrary, and like all well played games in nonverbal communication, the manipulator and manipulated each reap rewards. It’s not as if men don’t appreciate being seduced by their wives and girlfriends with physical tactics.

Moreover, I didn’t choose these four studies at random. I wanted to show how wearing make-up, can one, increase financial gain, and two, claim male helping behaviour. Second, I wanted to show how artificial increases in bust size can do the same and more – it can increase the chances of being courted. I also wanted to make clear that these aesthetic tricks do not work against other women, women will simply not help or hinder the progress of women based on their looks. Though I should point out that women do often use other tactics of control against rival women, especially younger more attractive ones, but this topic is for another article.

However, the caveat is that with any good, comes bad. Wearing make-up and flaunting the breast is a nonverbal broadcast signal. It is casts to a wide area and can solicit unwanted attention, but the wonderful thing is that it can easily be switched off or on at will. On the other hand, women could behave with more agency and solicit, as men do, the persons of their choosing and work to attract him. This, of course, is the alternative and it’s not as appealing an alternative as it sounds.

Broadcast displays are a way women solicit the opportunity to decline. Imagine it as a line-up of men all offering their courtship. The task of the woman is simple – say “yes” or “no” and encourage the line to continue moving. Little to no effort required beyond a push-up braw and some cosmetics. So why complain? What’s the big deal? The experiment doesn’t fib – you wear an “A” cup and get 13 offers, wear a “C” cup and get 44 offers. How many offers do you wish to elicit is the real question. That specific number is up to you!

The Take Away Message

The results showed that you can choose to wear make-up and benefit, or conversely, by not wearing make-up you can “earn” your way to success. Put this way, however, it seems foolish. Does one not earn their tips by applying make-up? The tips are simply earned far before the service is applied. It is the body that is packaged as a commodity to deliver the services. However, like all good businesspeople understand, people are always, even men, selling themselves. They are their own product – which they sell everyday.

The value judgment you place on the method is your own, and yes, your culture does impact on this. However, self agency can be claimed through a redefining of goals. Instead of “I’m self objectifying myself for tips” one might say “I’m earning my tips by applying make-up and padding my bra.”

Ultimately, nature doesn’t place value on results. If men wish to offer help because a woman has big boobs and wears make-up, so be it – reap the rewards, I say. At least for these two non-verbal categories, make-up and bust, men are at the losing end and can not claim reward, only pay for their receipt. The decision is yours, will you claim the prizes or let them be claimed by someone else?

I’d like to close by saying that I’ve only examined two very minor cues in the nonverbal world. There are literally hundreds of other ways that men and women can influence others without speaking a word. Continue reading with the link that follows!

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