How To Be A Good Wife Or Girlfriend And How Feminism Destroyed Girl Game – Part I
Christopher Philip

“As soon as they step off the boat some exotic foreign girl is giggling at their jokes, playfully hitting their arms, being generally feminine, and alluring.” ~ Internet forum commenter

It’s a pervasive meme these days – the chorus of “Where have all the good men gone?” And it’s true more than ever, we have grown a bunch of betaized men unwilling to “man-up!” They are perpetually in a state of childhood including drink and video game. They won’t marry, and having kids isn’t even on the radar. If they aren’t living at Mom and Dad’s, they’re scrapping out a subsistent living – unwilling to produce more than they earn. All is fine I guess, men and women each taking care of themselves. However, woman still want to feel attracted to, and marry real men. Men who are willing to treat them like a lady in bed, and be the first to investigate the bump in the night (and kill spiders, or is it catch and release these days?) – to cuddle her and make her feel protected and safe, and treat her to a night out. But increasingly, men are asking themselves “what’s in it for me?”

Men are catching on to the gender laws that place them second to women. Men are almost universally thrown under the bus in divorce court, have to pay alimony and child support even if they don’t get to see the kids, they have to safely navigate the workplace so they don’t get sued or fired for sexual harassment and get placed second in all categories of health funding and care.

But has anyone bothered to ask “Where have all the good girls gone?” What are the girls doing to cause the boys to be unwilling to commit? Are they part of the problem? Women have the most freedom ever afforded to them in history. They can get any job they want, have the same rights as men, and can earn comparably livings given an equal commitment to a career – there is research on this! But are women giving something up when they chase career and independence? Are they giving up their femininity?

Feminism is pervasive throughout Western culture. In fact, it’s how we all view the world. Women are supposedly oppressed, victims of abuse, and paid far less than men working the same jobs, although these pretense are quickly fading – men are taking a second look at the data and are pointing out the obvious. Women are not oppressed – men conclude. If you choose to act more like men, than you’re exposing yourself to the same sorts of responsibilities and criticism men have always faced – and sometimes it isn’t pretty, or nice! However, the criticism is not a sign of inequality, rather it’s a concrete example of equality. With rights come responsibilities, with responsibilities come criticism.

Women have always been the “prize,” to be fought and lusted over, to cherish, to protect from harm and indignity, to behold, and placed on a pedestal. But today’s woman does not act like a prize. Most women today can’t cook beyond the microwave, don’t want to clean, she wears joggers, hair in a bun, they belch and fart in company, any company, spit in public and swear so everyone can hear, they are crass – in short, they are men. She does not thank men for the favours and chivalry he offers (in the few instances where he actually tried), in fact, the advancements of men today and in the past are not even acknowledged let alone celebrated. And sometimes, the chivalry is punished, actively, with dirty looks, or worse. If civilization was left on a deserted planet with only the inventions and advancements produced by women, it would amount to a field with liquid paper, square bottomed paper bags, dishwashers, Kevlar, and windshield wipers (for a more complete list go here: Now subtract those and look around – the rest of the things you see which make your life comfortable and convenient were invented by men!

Women continuously try to “get a leg up”, “grrrrrl power” and in so doing won’t take the mental effort required to realize men’s historical and current contributions to society. Women pretend they “need no man” all the while accepting help from men who build and maintain all of civilization! They pretend they don’t need a husband, but accept money and protection through the state as husband (police, fire, taxes, special programs, etc.). It is the state that is her new “husband”, “she don’t need you.” And by this extension it is the state who receives all the prestige of protector and provider – real world men toiling under chump status. How motivational! No wonder men are going MGTOW (Men Go Their Own Way). It’s gaining popularity. In the past, MGTOW was actually just referred to as being a man, men who did their own thing and were lusted after – fascinating!

We have femininsts, like Adria Richards, the women who cried foul at overhearing two fellow male attendees telling “dongle jokes” at a PyCon computer programming conference (*see what a dongle is below – its not what you think). As this “strong independent women” discovered, even when women enter male space, they still want to be treated like a lady and be protected – from dirty jokes. She posted their photos on twitter and they were subsequently fired. All fine, I guess, but what happens when masculinized women enter marriage or dating? Do they want to be treated like a lady or a man? Men aren’t sure, but they’re trying to figure it out in order to get their fix of female love. What men do know, is that when women assert themselves like men in dating, there is plenty of free sex with no strings attached (the “cock carousel!”) – and all is well, or is it? What happens in the long run, do women still like their husbands whipped like cream? Or do they fall out of love? Do the men get tired of living with their housemates, as equals, both sharing the pants?” What happens to long term attraction in both men and women?

When the sexes move toward the center of their sexuality, meaning, men become feminized and women become masculinized, as has been happening since the 1960’s feminist revolution, what’s the outcome? More happiness? I don’t think anyone ever thought of the end game, certainly not men, they had no vote, or were not interest in voting. When sex is involved, men happily put their interests aside and do whatever it takes to gain access to women – they have grit and motivation, also called “agency.” Men have been the utility and tools at the disposal of women, and by extension society, ever since the dawn of time – men have made many technological discoveries in order to “impress the ladies” and secure female affection. Only a fool would compare the list of advancements men have made to that women have. How about some credit, some love! When a woman complains, not far behind is a man trying to reduce the complaining! And this is usually by stepping in and fixing her problem rather than letting her woman-hood deal with it herself. “Ain’t nobody happy if momma ain’t happy!” goes the saying. So when women started complained about workplace equality, men quickly shoved aside their immediate needs, and let women have a spot at the table – any table. Women complained about equal representation in jobs, and men instituted affirmative action.

Well it turns out women still aren’t all that happy with the arrangement. They are overworked, overburdened by motherhood, and still feel pressure to do more at home, and the happiness of women has universally and steadily eroded (they have poles showing this). “Men won’t marry, they won’t get a job and take care of me!” cry the new age women. More complaints, yes of course, men get this – and we also get that it’s men’s fault, and also something men have to fix. But this article is not going to be preachy at men, probably the reverse! As I see it, it’s a bit of chicken and egg problem. Or maybe a sperm and egg problem – which came first? Well I’ll tell you. It’s women that come first and make demands on men and by virtue of attraction and resistance, the men compete for female affection. But if men aren’t being motivated to compete, then they just drop out and go their own way, and no one is happy.

So now what? Now, the new vogue is toward masculine “traditional” men – except women don’t know this yet. They still think that having a well paying job is the key to landing a man. Women think that being CEO of a big company and raking in the cash will bring status to a relationship. “I own my own money!” Well all is fine if women are willing to share the bounty with their men, but they aren’t, or at least aren’t attracted to men willing to act as their arm candy. “Laziness” they cry! But the data doesn’t lie and certainly actions speak louder than voices – powerful women unanimously choose men who out-earn them, who have more prestige, who give women the freedom to work or not work, to stay at home with their family, or hire a nanny. So that feminist dream pretty much backfired if women wanted to have anything to do with a male companion or start a family! For a while now, women have been doing it all by themselves but they aren’t having much fun doing it. Perhaps there is a better way? It’s a universal truth that the more people move from their natural programming, the more unhappy they become. In other words, listen to what your body asks of you, and do more of that. Strip the politics away.

So now we have powerful women who won’t settle for “no scrub” being chased by feminized men. It starts to make the 1960’s look not so bad after all. You know, traditional roles and so forth – how primitive! Or is it? Perhaps girls getting some game from grandma isn’t a terrible idea. Men have been looking to granddad for game for a good long while now, and it works – just ask the pick-up community. Only problem is that girls have no game, they never needed to learn it until now, it was just sort of passed down through parental modeling. Your feminist mom doesn’t apologize though, it wasn’t her fault, “it all felt good at the time” she says.

Well, without girl game, men never develop feelings of attachment. Vagina “A” is no different than vagina “B”, so why would a man commit? Maybe girlifiying the modern career women will make men and women happy and balanced – a “treat to our genes” so to speak. Sort of the best of both worlds – you know. And before we get carried away with things and imagine us going all primitive, keep in mind that men are so used to masculine women that even a touch of femininity is going to look appealing.

Through forty years of feminism, men have been conditioned to believe that they will love and appreciate a woman who is “strong and independent” except when the feet hit the pavement, they quickly learn that there isn’t anything in this arrangement for them. No love, affection or nurturance. Women, on the other hand, have thought of themselves as a career or vocation, equal provider, perhaps as a girlfriend, but never as a wife. So women also lapped up the feminist ideology, except they discovered that when the feet hit the pavement, there was nothing in it for them! No praise, love, or commitment. Men simply do not need “strong and independent.”

Men are seeking to replace their Mom’s – or so it has been speculated, and women are trying to replace their Dad’s – or so has been speculated. Men desire to be cared for, women desire to be provided for. Men desire an attractive mate, one who looks good for him specifically, one who cares for him with food (cooking), intimacy, touching, compliments about his utility – in other words prestige that only a woman can offer. This can be as simple as thanking him (really thanking him) for simple things like opening the door or paying for the date, or for painting a room in the house, taking the kids to the park, earning a living, anything that makes him seem indispensable. Men need to know that they are needed, not just wanted, and especially not disposable. Just being around a sexy woman, hopefully you, that is flirty and attractive toward him can be enough to make a him feel wanted and motivated to do more, hopefully, for you. For a woman to have girl game, she needs to put herself in his shoes and think about what’s in it for him.

Lastly and preemptively, yes men do understand that they are part of the problem, they get it, and will work toward whatever end it is that will help make a relationship more satisfying, productive and happy so long as there is something in it for them. What men hope for though, is a team player, a woman who has a vested interest in not being “strong and independent” but vested, supportive, understanding and caring.

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* The term dongle has expanded beyond software protection to include any small device that plugs into the Universal Serial Bus (USB) or other computer port, regardless of what it does. These devices are usually used to provide some function that is not built in to the computer itself. This includes adding memory, supplying Bluetooth® and WiFi® connections, and adding adapters so that other devices can be plugged in. Commonly, mobile broadband USB modems are often refered to as “mobile dongles.”

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