1. What exactly is the Body Language Project?

The Body Language Project is the culmination of more than a decade of study on body language. Namely, it currently encompasses an ebook on dating Body Language Project: Dating, Attraction and Sexual Body Language, a 450+ word dictionary and (coming soon) a gigantic ebook on body language covering every aspect of body language for all facets of life; from business, to personal life. BLP is ever expanding to be the foremost source of body language on the web.

2. Body Language is different for everyone and individual, isn’t it?

While some differences occur across cultures and situations, those differences are miniscule. Cultural differences do not related to basic emotions such as fear, love, and intimacy which are essentially true to all people. One unit of body language or cue, in and of itself, is not an accurate indication of the full picture. Body language is additive and multiple cues come together to paint the full picture. One must understand all the body positions to have a clear picture of what a person is thinking and feeling subconsciously.

3. Why did you decide to put the book out there?

The Body Language Project is meant to aid men and women to better understand others as well as themselves. The research started out as a simple fascination with hidden meaning and was originally researched and tested to better the author’s original goals, which was to read people’s subconscious emotions. It was with the advent of the community and surge of pick-up artists everywhere, that it was time to set the record straight on body language. The goal of BLP is ultimately to make people more effective and efficient in reading other people to maximize their time and effort. While others may claim to be experts in the field of body language, few have read the research by actual scientists and psychologists in the field to back them up, nor have they catalogued such an extensive library of photographs illustrating the vast array of cues that exist. The books and teachings use both science and observation to solve the body language mystery.

4. Why is it important to understand body language?

By understanding body language you can avoid potentially embarrassing situations. Speaking is a risky business in dating and also in life in general. This is especially true when one does not know what emotional ground others stand on. Body language can also outline where one is in a relationship such as what level of attraction, or rejection is present at any one time. It eliminates all the guess work when it comes to people – all people. The research makes it easy to determine the underlying, hidden motives which drive a person’s subconscious. A student of body Language will know when it’s a waste of time to further a pursuit with a man or woman and when it’s time to hang in for the long haul, when it’s time to close a deal, or when it’s time to jump ship as a confrontation is brewing. Body language is the most useful skill in determining the real thoughts and emotions of a person!